PA releases four Palestinians who were arrested after visiting succa in Efrat

Part of a group from the Bethlehem and Hebron area who came to visit … [Read more...]

Rights group accuses PA, Hamas of abusing Arab journalists

Human Rights Watch: Rivals attacking free speech through arrests, torture … [Read more...]

Animal rescue operation complete as ‘world’s worst zoo’ closes in Gaza

Israel, PA, welfare group take Strip’s worst-kept animals to better homes … [Read more...]

PA: Top suspect in killing of two PA officers arrested and beaten to death

Killing of Halawa elicits storm of responses from Palestinians … [Read more...]

PLO’s Erekat lashes out at Europe for not supporting Israel boycott

Says PA will no longer accept statements of support for two-state solution … [Read more...]

PA mulls establishing own Jerusalem municipal council

Would be first major PA presence since Orient House banned in 2001 … [Read more...]

‘If Israel leaves West Bank, PA, Jordan will collapse’

Ex-defense minister Ya'alon warns the government … [Read more...]

Slain terrorist’s relative: PA directed IDF to his hideout; Hamas: He’s our hero

Army kills Muhammad al-Fakih, who murdered West Bank rabbi … [Read more...]

Palestinians seeking to sue Britain over 1917 Balfour Declaration

PA urges Arab League to help prepare legal file against UK government … [Read more...]

Top Trump adviser: Annexation legitimate if PA continues to avoid real peace

Trump sees in Netanyahu ‘all the things that were lacking in Obama’ … [Read more...]

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