Muslims prepare for restrained Ramadan clouded by coronavirus

PA, Israel move to ban communal nighttime feasts, keep mosques shuttered … [Read more...]

PA: Bethlehem infant recovers from coronavirus

Palestinian student returning from Poland tests positive … [Read more...]

Backward to belligerence

PA: ‘Zionism is a form of racism. That is the root of the problem we face’ … [Read more...]

PA: Bahrain workshop aims to normalize Israel without demanding withdrawal

Dennis Ross: Workshop could lend ‘credence’ to Trump plan … [Read more...]

Palestinian Authority foils Hamas attempt to convene Palestinian parliament

PA blocks attempt by Hamas officials to hold a press conference in Ramallah … [Read more...]

PA: Arab journalists’ visit to Israel a ‘crime’ and ‘sin’, calls to punish them

Says normalization is an ‘unacceptable and unjustified disgrace’ … [Read more...]

PA believes Hamas terrorist released in Shalit deal behind West Bank shootings

Says Jasser Barghouti set up terrorist infrastructure … [Read more...]

Abbas continues push for recognition; to join UN agency, 10 int’l conventions

Application to be submitted to UN’s Universal Postal Union next week … [Read more...]

Israel and Hamas cheer Qatar’s Gaza cash infusion, but Abbas could spoil party

PA could cut its own funding for the coastal enclave, plunging it into war … [Read more...]

PA calls airport detainment of US student ‘political terrorism’

Says US not backing Lara Alqasem shows Washington’s bias toward Israel … [Read more...]

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