Abbas: Settlements will be swept away, Palestinians came from ancient Canaanites

PA president says Jerusalem belongs to the Palestinians … [Read more...]

Abbas: Before improving our economy, there must be a political solution

Says 'there is no potential for a political solution' with Trump … [Read more...]

Abbas to meet Sisi for talks on reconciliation with Hamas

PA president will look to Egyptian leader for new ideas … [Read more...]

Rejecting Trump, Abbas at UN says US is too biased to mediate peace talks

Declares ‘Jerusalem is not for sale,’ hails terrorist ‘hero martyrs’ … [Read more...]

Abbas: Any minister in future unity government must recognize Israel

Twelve former lawmakers travel to Ramallah to meet PA president … [Read more...]

Abbas: We don’t want armed militias in the Gaza Strip

PA president calls for local groups to disarm … [Read more...]

Abbas says he’s ready to meet Netanyahu as part of Trump peace push

PA president looks forward to US president visiting him in Bethlehem … [Read more...]

Abbas adviser: PA president still willing to accept minor land swaps

Despite leaders’ DC visits, there has been no deal for renewed peace talks … [Read more...]

Trump’s welcome for Abbas is as warm as for an Israeli leader

President makes clear he considers PA president to be part of the solution … [Read more...]

PM to say yes to Abbas talks… if France drops peace confab

PA president says Netanyahu had no invite for Paris anyway … [Read more...]

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