Cornered by US and Israel, Abbas could pull the plug on Gaza — and start a war

PA leader poised to cut monthly $96m. stipend to Hamas, risk war … [Read more...]

Abbas may support tripartite ‘confederation’ with Israel and Jordan

PA leader appears to alter longstanding insistence on two-state solution … [Read more...]

Amid latest health scare, Abbas vows not to end his life as a ‘traitor’

PA leader says he will not cave to US pressure … [Read more...]

Abbas: ‘Jerusalem is the gate of peace and war — Trump must choose’

PA leader stresses Palestinians must only use 'peaceful' means to resist … [Read more...]

Abbas confirms Palestinians being offered Abu Dis as capital of future state

PA leader calls Trump's peace plan the 'face slap of the era' … [Read more...]

In Ramallah, Kushner and Abbas agree ‘peace will take time’

Trump special adviser meets with PA leader in bid to restart negotiations … [Read more...]

Hamas rejects Abbas peace proposal outline to Trump

‘No one has authorized’ PA leader to represent Palestinians … [Read more...]

Netanyahu slams Abbas blood libel as he flies to Rome in diplomatic push

PA leader rejects meet with Rivlin, says ending conflict will end terrorism … [Read more...]

If occupation ends, so will terrorism worldwide, Abbas tells EU

PA leader repeats hoax of rabbis calling to poison Palestinian wells … [Read more...]

At climate deal signing, Abbas says settlements ‘destroying the environment’

Israel’s envoy: PA leader exploits ceremony to further own agenda … [Read more...]

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