Palestinian woman shot dead attacking IDF soldiers

No troops hurt in incident at outpost near West Bank city of Nablus … [Read more...]

Keep an eye on Syria and Iraq, but the new outpost of terrorism is Africa

Africa is set to be the next target of militant Islam … [Read more...]

High Court rules 30 Amona outpost homes to be destroyed, but allows appeal

No evacuation date has been set yet for demolition of settlers' homes … [Read more...]

Amona outpost homes now in High Court’s hands

Court to rule whether homes will remain outside West Bank settlement … [Read more...]

Defense minister okays 296 homes in West Bank settlement to replace outpost

Palestinians: Move proves Israel doesn’t want peace; US: Move counteracts peace efforts … [Read more...]

Outpost built to honor terror victim Borovsky demolished

Settler leader calls demolition ‘cowardly act...a disgrace, the blood is still dripping’ … [Read more...]

Samaria council builds outpost for terror victim

‘There needs to be a bitter cry to prevent it from happening again,’ says council head … [Read more...]

Police arrest settlers in shooting of Palestinians

Raid on West Bank outpost follows incident that saw two Arabs hospitalized, one critical … [Read more...]

Police evacuate Palestinian E1 outpost, leave tents for now

Activists removed from tent village after court  halts demolition … [Read more...]

Settler-Palestinian conflict continues near Esh Kodesh outpost

Second day of clashes between Palestinians and settlers outside West Bank outpost … [Read more...]

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