Opposition assails Shaked: ‘You’re preparing ground for axing of top judges’

Legislators vow to counter justice minister’s assaults on Supreme Court … [Read more...]

Fuming opposition looks to fell government over Western Wall reversal

Zionist Union says cabinet’s decision creates barrier with Diaspora … [Read more...]

Moscow wants closer cooperation with Jerusalem in Syria, says top official

Parliament head says Israel should get opposition to lay down arms … [Read more...]

Government ‘disappointed’ with Trump for not moving embassy

Opposition, liberal US-Jewish groups welcome prioritizing peace process … [Read more...]

Trump said to forge ahead with Jerusalem embassy move despite opposition

President-elect's team has reportedly informed regional allies of the plans … [Read more...]

Hezbollah said holding Assad’s opponents in secret prisons

Opposition says terrorist group has several prisons in areas it controls … [Read more...]

Islamic State faces growing opposition in Mosul

Majority of people said ready to help the Iraqi security forces … [Read more...]

With the Herzog-Livni merger, an opposition materializes

Labor is trying something different, and cunning, to beat Netanyahu … [Read more...]

68 MKs vote to keep Zoabi suspended from Knesset

Opposition and coalition overwhelmingly uphold ban of Balad MK … [Read more...]

Syria’s latest battle: The PR fight over sanctuary for Christians

Opposition shows it protects minorities; regime disrupts effort   … [Read more...]

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