John McCain: An endangered breed of Mideast hawk

Obama once quipped that McCain never met a war he did not like … [Read more...]

Christian Zionists uncertain about Trump, but glad he’s not Obama

‘We had people who were not blessing Israel – they were cursing Israel’ … [Read more...]

Under Trump, settlements are no longer the obsessive center of attention

Obama bet everything on Israel ceasing settlement expansion … [Read more...]

What makes US-Israel defense ties so ‘rock solid’?

‘The ties between our armies are very deep and strong, even under Obama’ … [Read more...]

Obama, Trump, Holocaust remembrance and Israel

Just over a week in office, Trump has altered the tone toward Israel … [Read more...]

Palestinians say Obama’s last-minute $221 million payout frozen by Trump

State Department to examine transfer of funds … [Read more...]

Pollard’s time

We are asking Obama for one more commutation – that of Jonathan Pollard … [Read more...]

Obama, Netanyahu lock horns, offer separate narratives

President denies taking lead in Security Council resolution … [Read more...]

Barely a fifth of Jewish Israelis think Obama was friendly to Israel, poll shows

69% believe Trump will be favorable, while only 22% think Obama was … [Read more...]

Dershowitz: Trump was right to try to stop Obama

President’s bid to tie the hands of his successor is undemocratic … [Read more...]

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