Kidnapping of US missionary in Niger a ‘terrible tragedy’

This is the first time a Christian missionary has been targeted … [Read more...]

American missionary kidnapped by terrorists in Niger

Gunmen stormed his home and killed two before fleeing with him to Mali … [Read more...]

Boko Haram suicide attack kills at least four in Niger

150,000 refugees fleeing Boko Haram attacks in Nigeria live in Niger … [Read more...]

Missionary: Boko Haram behind attacks on churches, religious in Niger

Boko Haram determined to take jihadist campaign beyond Nigeria … [Read more...]

Muslims outraged by ‘Charlie Hebdo’ ravage Christian communities across Africa

Mobs burn churches, Christian homes, businesses; 20 dead in Niger … [Read more...]

Four terror attacks in three weeks have Christians in Niger concerned

Climate of terror rising as Islamists keep up attacks … [Read more...]

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