An open Kotel

We urge Netanyahu to begin the promised renovation without further delay … [Read more...]

Trump reportedly weighing Israeli request to taper Syria pullout

Netanyahu to meet top administration officials in coming days … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Brazilian leader promises embassy move a matter of ‘when, not if’

Bolsonaro vows to make good on his promise to move embassy to Jerusalem … [Read more...]

Touring North, Netanyahu says anti-tunnel operation ‘almost entirely behind us’

Did PM use security situation in North to stave off early elections? … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Erdogan is an ‘antisemite’ obsessed with Israel and its moral army

Turkish president calls PM ‘oppressor’ and Israel a ‘terror state’ … [Read more...]

Abbas: Netanyahu gives Hamas money and we pay the price when they attack

Says the PA knows that Hamas was behind the attacks … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: We will step up our efforts against Iran in Syria after US pullout

Prime minister says Israel still has full American support … [Read more...]

IDF starts sealing Hezbollah attack tunnels, says process will ‘take time’

Netanyahu says military using ‘special means’ to neutralize passages … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: We will protect ourselves after US leaves Syria

'Won’t impede Israel’s ability to defend itself against regional threats' … [Read more...]

Ahead of UN discussion, Netanyahu calls Hezbollah tunnel-digging ‘act of war’

Says Lebanese Army a ‘total failure’ confronting Shiite terrorists … [Read more...]

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