Netanyahu: World cannot let Iran disrupt oil flow

China’s investments in Israel raised in talks with Rick Perry … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: We are preparing for broad, surprising campaign in Gaza

Impossible to reach agreement with a group that wants to destroy Israel … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Israel preparing for wide-scale campaign in Gaza

Comments follow security cabinet meeting … [Read more...]

New Liberman campaign video promises government without haredim

Shows Netanyahu: ‘Voting for him? You’ll get them’—the ultra-Orthodox … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: World must sanction Iran if it enriches more uranium than allowed

‘Israel is on the same front with US, moderate Arab states, and others’’ … [Read more...]

Netanyahu, in rebuke of justice minister, says court rulings ‘bind everyone’

PM, attorney general, chief justice blast Ohana’s bid to ignore High Court … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Zarif is lying, we won’t allow Iran to develop Nuclear weapons

After Iranian foreign minister blames regional tensions on the US … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Tehran working toward ‘arsenal of nuclear bombs’

But Jerusalem ‘committed to stop it’ … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Elections can still be avoided

Liberman says Likud should look in the mirror instead of blaming him … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Israel wants to build, terrorists want to destroy

‘The indiscriminate targeting of civilians reveals the terrorists’ goals’ … [Read more...]

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