Netanyahu praises ‘correct decision’ by US to shut PLO mission in Washington

US says PLO office to close because PA not supporting talks with Israel … [Read more...]

Duterte, accused of mass killings, says Israel shares his passion for people

Netanyahu hails Philippines’s role in saving Jews during Holocaust … [Read more...]

Netanyahu hails US defunding of ‘refugee perpetuation agency’ UNRWA

Foreign Ministry says organization ‘aims at the destruction’ of Israel … [Read more...]

Netanyahu lobs stark warning at Iran at Dimona reactor renamed for Shimon Peres

'Whoever threatens us with destruction puts himself in similar danger' … [Read more...]

Netanyahu says Likud aims for 40 Knesset seats in next election over today’s 30

Meretz says public support for 'corrupt' PM is ebbing … [Read more...]

Netanyahu lands in Lithuania, grandma’s birthplace, in search of European allies

PM hopes outreach to eastern Europe will help counter EU's hostility … [Read more...]

Netanyahu sends Muslims, Druze greetings on Eid al-Adha amid nation-state law spat

'In Israel we have freedom of worship for all,' PM says … [Read more...]

Lapid implores Netanyahu: ‘Let’s pass enlistment law, you have our votes’

Yesh Atid chief tells him, 'You don't have to surrender to the Haredim' … [Read more...]

Netanyahu slams Corbyn for honoring Munich terrorists, comparing Israel to Nazis

PM calls for 'unequivocal condemnation' of the UK opposition leader … [Read more...]

Israel lauds US reimposition of sanctions on Iran

Netanyahu calls it ‘important moment’ for world … [Read more...]

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