Why Netanyahu gave Germany’s FM the silence treatment

PM: Snubbed politician’s country has no right to preach democracy to Jews … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Palestinians must make ‘real change’ for peace

Calls to pressure Abbas on incitement, payments to terrorists’ families … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Allies could have saved 4 million Jews if they’d bombed death camps

PM castigates global indifference 75 years ago, says it persists today … [Read more...]

White House: Trump wants conflict-ending Israeli-Palestinian deal

Both Abbas and Netanyahu face fierce political headwinds … [Read more...]

Israeli leaders urge action, condemn Syria gas massacre

Netanyahu calls on world to finish removing Syria’s chemical stockpile … [Read more...]

Agreement on new public broadcaster ends coalition crisis

Netanyahu, Kahlon agree to separate news and current affairs programming … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Trump has already turned words of support for Israel into actions

Says via video ‘Israel's hand is extended to all our neighbors in peace’ … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: No deal yet with US on settlements

‘The talks are still ongoing and media reports are untrue’ … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: ‘Significant progress’ in settlement talks with US

On departing China, PM lauds ‘special connection with Israel’ … [Read more...]

Building in Jerusalem is non-negotiable, Netanyahu declares

PM also repeats promise of new Amona settlement … [Read more...]

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