Mossad chief to join Netanyahu in meeting with Putin

Israel to seek to keep Iran out of Syria once fighting ends … [Read more...]

Is the Likud ready for the post-Netanyahu era?

Does Likud need Netanyahu more than Netanyahu needs Likud? … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: No government has done more for settlers than mine

PM boasts at ceremony for new neighborhood in Beitar Illit … [Read more...]

Netanyahu backs major expansion of Jerusalem to include nearby settlements

130,000 more Israelis would be Jerusalemites … [Read more...]

PM discusses settlement exchange plan with US

Netanyahu has tacked significantly to the Right … [Read more...]

77% of Israelis say Netanyahu gave in on Temple Mount metal detectors

Asked whether detectors are a must, 68% say yes, 23% no, 9% don’t know … [Read more...]

Israel working with Jordan and Palestinians to calm Temple Mount crisis

Netanyahu speaks with Jordan’s King Abdullah and PA President Abbas … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: German sub deal likely to go ahead after probe

PM confirms deal is frozen, says he knows nothing about corruption … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Evangelical Christians are Israel’s best friends

In address to CUFI, PM makes dig at Trump delay in moving embassy … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Israel won’t tolerate Iranian bases in Lebanon, Syria

Iran keen on establishing ground and air bases in region … [Read more...]

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