Cabinet secretary says work on pluralistic Western Wall space continuing

Braverman: Netanyahu supports all Jewish streams praying as they wish … [Read more...]

Northern council heads demand Netanyahu halt medical aid to Syrian refugees

Following a major financial crisis at the Western Galilee Hospital … [Read more...]

Abbas defends payments to convicted terrorists as ‘social responsibility’

Accuses Netanyahu of using ‘incitement’ as pretext to avoid serious talks … [Read more...]

Netanyahu extols common goals of prosperity, security, peace with Kushner

Son-in-law and adviser to Trump also conferring with PA President Abbas … [Read more...]

Ground broken for first new West Bank settlement in 25 years

Netanyahu announces start of work for Amichai, to house Amona evacuees … [Read more...]

Jared Kushner to travel to Mideast to advance Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts

President’s son-in-law and adviser to meet with Netanyahu, Abbas this week … [Read more...]

Stabilizing Gaza

Netanyahu: Israel does not seek a confrontation with Hamas … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Israel doesn’t want outbreak of violence in Gaza

Two days after cutting 40% of electricity supplied to Strip … [Read more...]

Browbeating friend and foe, Netanyahu tries out an undiplomatic foreign policy

Critics charge he’s winning friends only at home and influencing nobody … [Read more...]

Caught between right-wing base and peace initiative, PM ducks and weaves

Netanyahu retains power by deflecting political pressure … [Read more...]

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