IDF commandos, US Marines train together against terrorism threats

‘Noble Shirley’ drill in Negev prepares American forces to fight ISIS … [Read more...]

‘Root out ISIS ideology in Beduin schools in Negev’

Knesset panel discusses Islamic State ideology in Israel’s school system … [Read more...]

Beduin women of the Negev: The brutal conspiracy of silence

The terrible disregard for the Beduin woman’s struggle … [Read more...]

‘If it is not good for us, it is not good for the Jews in the Negev’

Joint List group completes 130 km. Jerusalem march calling for equality … [Read more...]

Rare Byzantine-era grape seeds found in Negev

Seeds used to cultivate region’s finest wine 1,500 years ago … [Read more...]

Sixth-century Byzantine monastery excavated in Negev

Colorful mosaics, Greek inscriptions found during roadwork … [Read more...]

Land Day passes in part of Israeli-Arab sector with little notice

Protests take place in Galilee, Jerusalem, and Negev … [Read more...]

Resettlement bill threatened as MKs learn Beduin did not even see plan

Likud: MK Begin misled for not revealing Beduin never agreed to plan … [Read more...]

Israel’s Beduin ask: Are we citizens of this country or not?

MK: They must recognize the Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people … [Read more...]

Both sides dig in after violence against Bedouin relocation plan

Arab leaders condemn fighting, call for ongoing protests against scheme … [Read more...]

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