The Yom Kippur War: When Israel’s Arabs didn’t rise up

Near Nazareth, Arab women gave soft drinks, sandwiches for the troops … [Read more...]

In Nazareth, blind man’s vision gives boost to region’s visually impaired

‘We’re part of an Arab minority that is discriminated against’ … [Read more...]

Nazareth holds children’s event that honors killer of Israelis

Terrorist Baha Alyan killed three in Jerusalem bus attack last year … [Read more...]

Seven indicted over suspected Islamic State terrorist plot in Israel

Israeli Arab cell planned to carry out attacks near Nazareth … [Read more...]

From Bethlehem to Egypt to Nazareth, Jesus’s family accepted changes

Mary and Joseph sought ordinary lives of faith but were overwhelmed … [Read more...]

Ancient mosaic found under Nazareth’s Church of Annunciation

Archeologists find decorations dating to 4th century below courtyard … [Read more...]

First century house unearthed in Nazareth could be Jesus’s childhood home

Impossible to say on archeological grounds – 'Biblical Archaeology Review' … [Read more...]

Postcard from Israel: Christmas in Nazareth

Jesus’s hometown delightful to visit, but especially at Christmas season … [Read more...]

Nazareth pulls out all the (jingle) bells and whistles for Christmas

Childhood home of Jesus gets ready for an influx of holiday tourists … [Read more...]

Netanyahu in Nazareth commiserates with persecuted Christians

PM: “We will act harshly against anyone who harasses you” … [Read more...]

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