On Nakba Day, Hamas and Islamic Jihad vow to ‘liberate Palestine’

Struggle against Israel will continue until ‘liberation of all Palestine’ … [Read more...]

General strike in West Bank and Gaza marks Nakba Day

Annual strike also a response to Monday’s violence on Gaza border … [Read more...]

Security cabinet meets without an ill Netanyahu

Cabinet discusses Land Day march, US Embassy move and Nakba Day … [Read more...]

When Nakba Day meets US Embassy move day, expect fireworks in Gaza

Palestinian social networks plan massive clashes with Israeli soldiers … [Read more...]

Clashes erupt as Palestinians mark Nakba Day

Confront soldiers over ‘catastrophe’ of Jewish state’s founding … [Read more...]

Palestinians mark Nakba Day with sirens, marches

Right-wingers crash Tel Aviv event, blast 'Palestinian lies' … [Read more...]

A delegitimization called Nakba

Nakba Day is in fact Delegitimization Day, marking Israelis as targets … [Read more...]

Clashes in West Bank, Jerusalem as Palestinians mark Nakba Day

Four soldiers, three policemen injured; 30 Palestinians arrested … [Read more...]

Minor clashes punctuate Nakba Day protests across West Bank

JERUSALEM (JWN and agencies)—Heightened security contributed to a relatively calm Nakba Day on Tuesday, as Palestinians in the West Bank and Israeli Arabs in Israel commemorated what they call the … [Read more...]

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