Fearing Muslims will be led to Jesus, Sudan declares ‘war on Christians’

Pastors being imprisoned, churches demolished in Islamist nation … [Read more...]

Islamists kill 800 Christians, Muslims; destroy 16 churches in Nigeria

Fulani herdsmen terrorists rampage in last months of 2016 … [Read more...]

Boko Haram brainwashing boys to kill their Christian teachers

Terrorists believe Earth flat, Muslims may take slaves and kill infidels … [Read more...]

ISIS inciting Muslims to betray their Christian neighbors, destroying trust

Terrorist group pressures Muslims to help fuel the genocide … [Read more...]

Man admits lie about Jakarta’s Christian leader led to blasphemy protest

Professor twisted words so Muslims believed he insulted Quran … [Read more...]

Syrian Christian pastor: I’m not ready to leave Aleppo

Church is able to help some 2,000 families, half of them Muslims … [Read more...]

Centuries before trying to deny it, Muslims carved Jewish link to Jerusalem into mosque

Ancient inscription on mosque links Dome of the Rock and Jewish Temples … [Read more...]

Pakistani government closes down house churches in Bahawalpur

Muslims complained they were disturbed by prayers of Christians … [Read more...]

Muslims who killed Pakistani Christian while kidnapping his daughter are indicted

Three assailants charged by state authorities, but one still at large … [Read more...]

More Christian refugees resettled in US in last decade than any other religion

But nation continues to resettle fewer Syrian Christians than Muslims … [Read more...]

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