Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, rapist, led genocidal ‘caliphate,’ died in tunnel

His main motivations: rape, murder, genocide, religious hatred … [Read more...]

Two Beduin Israelis suspected of killing soldier in terrorist attack

Shin Bet says murder was 'nationalistic’ act; victim Kokia’s stolen gun retrieved … [Read more...]

IDF soldier stabbed to death in Arad terrorist attack

Police search for two assailants who fled after murdering Ron Kokia,19 … [Read more...]

Preventing an explosion

Israeli Arabs smuggle guns into holy site and desecrated it with murder … [Read more...]

Soldier to face manslaughter charge, not murder, in terrorist shooting

IDF says wounded terrorist was killed ‘deliberately and unnecessarily’ … [Read more...]

New documentary on Saudi royal family centers on sex, drugs and murder

The story of Janen Harb, a former teenage bride of King Fahd … [Read more...]

Israel arrests Jewish terrorist suspects in deadly firebombing

Gag order partially lifted on murder of Dawabsha family infant and parents … [Read more...]

Six senior cops to get the boot over gay pride parade fatal stabbing

Police release findings of probe into murder of 16-year-old Shira Banki … [Read more...]

The writing, literally, was on the wall

Israelis have no right to be shocked by the murder of toddler Ali Dawabsha … [Read more...]

Iran now controls four Arab capitals, plus Washington, DC

What a Jordanian pilot’s murder reveals about Obama’s flawed strategy … [Read more...]

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