Egypt’s security forces treat Copts as badly as under Mubarak

Al-Sisi to discuss Christian situation; millions paid to ransom Copts … [Read more...]

The evolution of the revolution

Arab Spring a stepping-stone to creation of a worldwide caliphate … [Read more...]

Mubarak’s redemption

Two years ago the world was ecstatic over Mubarak's fall … [Read more...]

What’s left of Israel’s peace with its neighbors?

Ties with Jordan and Egypt are cool and growing colder, diplomats say, strained by new challenges … [Read more...]

Egypt busts hundreds of smuggling tunnels and a spy

Cairo is tougher on smuggling today than it was in Mubarak’s time, says Israeli expert … [Read more...]

Coptic Christians in Egypt easy targets for Islamists

Since fall of Mubarak, Copts targeted and attacked by government and private citizens … [Read more...]

Egypt court grants Mubarak appeal, orders retrial

New detention order on deposed president over gifts worth millions of Egyptian pounds … [Read more...]

Syrian oppositionist: Mubarak’s intelligence chief was killed in July Damascus bombing

Claims Omar Suleiman was in Syria to discuss chemical weapons … [Read more...]

Egypt’s crisis deepens as election results delayed

CAIRO (JWN and agencies)—Thousands of protesters continued to gather Friday in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, where Egypt’s revolution began 16 months ago, to demonstrate angrily against the announcement  by … [Read more...]

Muslim Brotherhood’s Morsi declared Egypt’s president

CAIRO (JWN and agencies)—Muslim Brotherhood candidate Muhammad Morsi claimed victory in Egypt’s runoff presidential election on Monday, declaring that he would be “a president for all Egyptians” and … [Read more...]

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