Centuries before trying to deny it, Muslims carved Jewish link to Jerusalem into mosque

Ancient inscription on mosque links Dome of the Rock and Jewish Temples … [Read more...]

Attackers set fire to West Bank mosque, damaging books and rugs

Jewish nationalist graffiti daubed in apparent ’price tag’ attack … [Read more...]

Algeria: Christian family not allowed to bury son in public cemetery

The mosque demanded Islamic burial rites to bury son in the cemetery … [Read more...]

The Islamization of the West

Europe has rejected moral clarity in favor of moral relativism … [Read more...]

Palestinian cars torched, mosque vandalized in West Bank

Jewish extremists attack following outpost evacuation   … [Read more...]

Christians wounded, church damaged in Pakistan after mosque loudspeakers incite mob

Police allow Muslims to attack Christians of Francis Colony in Gujranwala; two seriously wounded … [Read more...]

Egyptian mosque becomes house of torture for Christians after protest against Brotherhood

Now that Muslim Brotherhood is in power, it is trying to force Christians into becoming Muslims … [Read more...]

Damascus mosque bombing kills top pro-Assad Sunni preacher

Suicide blast in Syrian capital kills at least 41, wounds more than 84 … [Read more...]

Fatwa issued against Muslim visits to Aksa Mosque

Ban on Muslims from visiting Temple Mount ‘while it remains captive by the state of the Jews’ … [Read more...]

Worshiping Jesus in the mosque

What it's like to follow Christ while embedded in Muslim culture … [Read more...]

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