Iron Dome launched for first time on Syrian border

Mortars fired from Syria land harmlessly in Golan Heights … [Read more...]

Iron Beam laser air defense system ‘downs mortars like flies’

Designed for threats too small to be dealt with by existing systems … [Read more...]

Israeli company to unveil laser-based rocket interceptor

Iron Beam to intercept smaller rockets, mortars at very short range … [Read more...]

IDF retaliates after mortars fired from Golan Heights

Army fires Tamuz missile at Syrian post, destroying cannon … [Read more...]

Dozens of Syrians try to flee fighting into Israel at Quneitra crossing

IDF soldiers shelter civilians until danger passes; three mortars fall on Golan Heights … [Read more...]

Aleppo: Two Orthodox bishops still captive; Christian neighborhood shelled

Mortar rounds hit main Christian neighborhood, killing four and collapsing several houses … [Read more...]

Syrian tank shell lands in Golan Heights town

Shot first spillover incident since mortars fell over the border in November … [Read more...]

Residents of mortar-hit town slam military for leaving them unprotected

Syrian mortars hit around moshav, compounding fears of approaching fighting … [Read more...]

Three Syrian mortar shells hit inside Israeli border

One shell hits moshav but fails to explode; no casualties or damage reported … [Read more...]

5 wounded as Gaza terrorists fire more than 60 rockets, mortar shells into Israel

Hamas claims responsibility; IAF strikes terrorists, killing 4; schools closed in South … [Read more...]

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