Syrian Islamists control Christian village of Maaloula, abduct nuns

12 nuns, three other women taken by rebel forces toward border town … [Read more...]

Syrian refugee Syriac couple get married in Turkish monastery

Deyrülzafaran Monastery welcomes Syriac refugees, hosts weddings … [Read more...]

Coptic mass cancelled for first time in 1,600 years as attacks continue

Morsi supporters destroyed monastery that included three churches … [Read more...]

A Catholic Belgian priest and a monastery are in the sights of Syria’s jihadists

The monastery, situated between warring groups, could become a rebel logistics base … [Read more...]

Priest killed by Islamist militants in Syria

Father Francois Murad murdered at a convent in northern Syria where he had fled for refuge … [Read more...]

Jewish-Christian relations in light of the Church

As a worker in Jewish-Christian relations, I recently found myself at a Galilee monastery … [Read more...]

World’s oldest Christian monastery at risk in Turkey

After lawsuit by Islamists claiming its land … [Read more...]

“Price tag” extremists strike Jerusalem church

JERUSALEM (JWN)—Jewish extremists struck again in Jerusalem on Sunday night, daubing downtown’s Baptist Church with anti-Christian slogans and the “price tag” signature of dozens of anti-Arab attacks … [Read more...]

New segment of security fence may separate nuns from monks

By OZ ROSENBERG (Haaretz) The monks and nuns of the Cremisan monastery, on a pastoral ridge opposite Har Gilo, have been living peacefully, side by side, since the place was built in the 1960s. But … [Read more...]

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