MKs implore Netanyahu to freeze settlements rather than release terrorists

Labor, Hatnua, Shas MKs ask PM to cancel 4th prisoner release … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Israel working to free Pollard regardless of US spy revelations

MKs demand Pollard's release after news of US spying on Barak, Olmert … [Read more...]

Israel suspends controversial Beduin resettlement plan

Opposition to bill grew among MKs who had previously supported it … [Read more...]

Missing from Abbas meeting with MKs: Israeli flag, Palestinian journalists

PA president talks peace, dodges call to recognize Jewish Israel … [Read more...]

Abbas tells Meretz MKs: No progress in peace talks with Israel

PA president: Palestinian refugees won't return to Jaffa or Acre … [Read more...]

Expert: Israeli warheads a threat to own security

Knesset holds first-ever anti-nuclear parley; several MKs speak out against nukes … [Read more...]

Ultra-Orthodox MKs vent anger in Knesset over exclusion from coalition

In fit of pique, all 7 UTJ MKs leave plenum when Netanyahu reads out Bennett's name … [Read more...]

Four dozen rookie MKs to be sworn into new Knesset today

Red carpet rolled out for 120 Knesset members as 19th parliament convenes … [Read more...]

Encountering peace: Our celebration of democracy

We must continue to remind our MKs and government that they work for us, the electorate … [Read more...]

Missionaries in the Knesset?

MKs incensed by mailing of New Testaments by messianic Judaism institution (Flash90) … [Read more...]

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