MKs bid to tackle harmful cults that ensnare 20,000 Israelis

From polygamous sexual predators to ‘Jewish Taliban,’ sects draw gullible … [Read more...]

Trump planning Temple Mount visit

Netanyahu to meet with candidate; MKs call to ban Trump from Knesset … [Read more...]

PM halts placement of barriers between Jewish, Arab areas of Jerusalem

MKs say barrier is a ‘prize for terrorism’ that splits the unified city … [Read more...]

Netanyahu bans ministers, MKs from Temple Mount

PM bars entry to politicians in bid to reduce tension … [Read more...]

MKs may turn the air blue, but Knesset is Earth’s greenest parliament

Solar roofs, recycled paper, computer and air conditioner timers save money … [Read more...]

Army told soldiers to write farewell letters home before fighting in Gaza

MKs slam IDF for ordering troops to pen final thoughts to loved ones … [Read more...]

A pope in Israel

Many Likud, Yisrael Beytenu, Bayit Yehudi MKs show disdain for minorities … [Read more...]

MKs propose law allowing Jews to pray at Temple Mount

Likud, Labor lawmakers behind controversial bill to reverse ban … [Read more...]

Congressmen, MKs to push for keeping Jerusalem united

Seven MKs to attend annual Jerusalem Day festivities in Congress … [Read more...]

Reparations for Jews from Arab countries must be included in peace talks, MKs say

Government disregarding 2010 law requiring issue to be part of talks … [Read more...]

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