Taking aim at Turkey, MKs propose recognizing Armenian genocide

Bills call on Israel to memorialize massacres carried by Ottoman forces … [Read more...]

Trump administration is an opportunity for West Bank sovereignty, MKs say

‘The time has come to make practical moves’ … [Read more...]

Israel ranks No. 1 on list of countries working to end human trafficking

MKs discuss government's efforts to stamp out human trade … [Read more...]

Shas MK compares non-Orthodox Jews to dogs

MKs make derogatory comments about progressive Jews … [Read more...]

Palestinian Authority threatens to cut all funds to Gaza

Abbas tells MKs: ‘We’ll gradually reduce our support to Gaza by 100%’ … [Read more...]

Netanyahu’s response overshadows report on wife’s involvement in matters of state

MKs: Probe PM’s reaction, which incites against an Israel journalist … [Read more...]

In Netanyahu’s new illustrated world, Israel has just five enemies

PM’s map shows MKs how he sees Israel’s place among the nations … [Read more...]

MKs, Christians and Israel supporters join at the Knesset to condemn BDS

The overall message of the event was that the future looks positive … [Read more...]

MKs submit Ma’aleh Adumim annexation bill

Edelstein: Hesitation only delays peace; we will reverse the trend … [Read more...]

Majority of female Knesset members have experienced sexual assault

Two of the MK's state it has continued into their tenure at the Knesset … [Read more...]

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