Fiction in the service of truth: The Locket

In Mike Evans’s latest novel, young Sarah was infatuated with a neighbor named Adolf Eichmann … [Read more...]

The bridge builder

By DANIEL K. EISENBUD (The Jerusalem Post) Over 30 years ago, Dr. Mike Evans – a devout American-Christian Zionist leader, multiple New York Times best-selling author and renowned Middle East … [Read more...]

Israel: The next move

By Mike Evans Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas stood before the United Nations, holding in his hand an application for statehood. World leaders, foreign ministers, and ambassadors … [Read more...]

Crucifying Israel at the UN

By Mike Evans In just a few hours, Durban III will be held in New York City. Imagine with me what was going on in the spirit-realm during the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. That is the best example I … [Read more...]

The right kind of friend for Israel

by Mike Evans (Jerusalem) -- Jerusalem never did like Jeremiah. The prophet was threatened and attacked by his own brothers, was beaten up at the order of a priest in the Temple, and was imprisoned … [Read more...]

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