Mike Evans predicts peace with Sunni states possible

FOZ founder praises Trump, Netanyahu for bringing an alliance within reach … [Read more...]

Mike Evans speaks to Trump at White House faith dinner

With Donald Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner … [Read more...]

Mike Evans: This Wednesday Trump will recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

Founder of FOZ and Trump Evangelical Initiative previews historic speech … [Read more...]

US Ambassador David Friedman runs into Steven Tyler at Western Wall

Mike Evans hosts Aerosmith lead singer at Friends of Zion museum … [Read more...]

Mike Evans: a man with a mission

Friends of Zion founder recruits Christian-Zionist allies for Israel … [Read more...]

Evangelical leader to Trump: Limit Palestinian sovereignty in two-state deal

Mike Evans also suggests that a US naval base be created in Haifa … [Read more...]

Shoah survivors celebrate Succot in Jerusalem bomb shelter/community center

Elderly Yiddish-speakers gather in center donated by Jerusalem Prayer Team … [Read more...]

T is for terror

The US is at war against terror. Bin Laden is dead; ground zero for world terror is now Iran … [Read more...]

Fiction in the service of truth: The Locket

In Mike Evans’s latest novel, young Sarah was infatuated with a neighbor named Adolf Eichmann … [Read more...]

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