‘Accelerated targeting’ of ‘disproportionately suffering’ Middle East Christians

An estimated 50% and 80% of Christians have fled Syria and Iraq respectively … [Read more...]

Middle East Christians flee Syria, Egypt, Palestine, Iraq

Church leaders fear ancient presence in region could soon disappear … [Read more...]

The religious cleansing of Middle East Christians

Melancholy, frustration, outrage, pessimism, shock are dominant themes … [Read more...]

‘In Defense of Christians’ says Ted Cruz was not booed

Critics wanted him to focus on Middle East Christians, not Israel … [Read more...]

Syrian patriarch says Middle East Christians feel abandoned by West

Politicians fostered violent uprisings based on so-called Arab Spring … [Read more...]

How bad of a nightmare are Middle East Christians living?

‘Huffington Post’ infographic shows deadly plight of Christians … [Read more...]

Concern over attacks on Middle East Christians grows in Washington

In the West, Christians are not widely seen as a vulnerable minority … [Read more...]

Ethnic cleansing could lead to mass exodus of Middle East Christians

Lebanon ex-president warns of ‘exodus of biblical proportions’ … [Read more...]

Second genocide for Middle East Christians in less than a century

Same patterns of atrocities as in the 1915 Armenian genocide … [Read more...]

Middle East Christians work to unite communities

Leaders gather to stress unity in face of threat posed by extremist groups … [Read more...]

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