Burst pipe at Western Wall mistaken for messiah

Water flowing from Temple Mount sparks hope of imminent redemption … [Read more...]

Daystar, TBN ready for Messiah in Jerusalem

Christian broadcasters set up on holy city hill, poised for Jesus and spreading the gospel … [Read more...]

Is Christian Zionism compatible with the two-state solution?

Those who truly seek Israel's best interests should listen to the Israelis … [Read more...]

Mahdi ‘Messiah virus’ infecting systems in Iran, Israel

More than 800 Mideast users hit by tools written in Persian … [Read more...]

Ayatollah Khamenei: We must prepare for ‘end of times’

Supreme leader hails the coming of last Islamic messiah … [Read more...]

The Jerusalem Syndrome

By CHRIS NASHAWATY (wired.com) Shortly after his 40th birthday, the life of a man we’ll call Ronald Hodge took a strange turn. He still looked pretty good for his age. He had a well-paying job and … [Read more...]

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