Netanyahu rips opposition, media as ‘sourpusses’ at new Knesset session

Says submarine deal proves corruption probe into sale 'going down' … [Read more...]

Don’t mess with Israel’s democracy

Netanyahu and loyalists target the media, police, courts, legislature … [Read more...]

Netanyahu pummels media, accuses ‘fake news industry’ of trying to topple him

Embattled PM slams anti-corruption demonstrations … [Read more...]

Major German paper: Media turning Palestinian terrorists into victims

‘Bild’ editor warns media attacks on Israel lack historical responsibility … [Read more...]

Why we don’t see more Christian refugees

Christian victims are ignored by President Obama and the media … [Read more...]

Remember Darfur?

Media provide little coverage of the recent evolution of events in Darfur … [Read more...]

House resolution would accuse Palestinian Authority of incitement

‘It doesn’t help when media or officials give this incitement a pass’ … [Read more...]

Netanyahu accuses media of ‘huge’ campaign against him

After Labor-Hatnua merger, PM says Left is fragmenting … [Read more...]

Media are Hamas’s main strategic weapons, says visiting US historian

Expert coined term ‘Pallywood’ to describe Palestinian obfuscation … [Read more...]

American F-18s strike Gaza

US and media consider Israel’s attack on Hamas to be unrighteous … [Read more...]

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