Netanyahu orders barriers at bus stops across Jerusalem after attack

Mayor would rather see protective posts at high-risk sites in capital … [Read more...]

Barkat announces 5th annual international Jerusalem Marathon

‘This is a sporting event and a spiritual event like no other,’ says mayor … [Read more...]

Beit Shemesh court: Remove signs warning women to dress modestly

Judge: Behavior of municipality and mayor created unlawful sections of city … [Read more...]

Standing ovation for Met ‘Klinghoffer’ despite protest

Opening night interrupted with boos; mayor boosts freedom of speech … [Read more...]

Jerusalem launches police surveillance drone

Mayor orders UAVs to monitor at-risk stops of capital’s light rail … [Read more...]

Right-wing activists rally at E1 against giving up land on West Bank

Ma’aleh Adumim mayor calls on Netanyahu to authorize building … [Read more...]

Vandals target home of Women of the Wall activist

Peggy Cidor: It takes more than this to scare me; Jerusalem mayor condemns attack … [Read more...]

French mayor defends honoring assassin of minister Rehavam Zeevi

Head of Bezons says outcry over honor for killer Majdi Rimawi only strengthens his resolve … [Read more...]

Jerusalem mayor: No split city has ever worked

Nir Barkat tells Conference of Presidents construction in capital’s eastern areas serves everyone … [Read more...]

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