Abbas: We will thwart Trump’s plan, Nation-State Law

Vows to keep paying security prisoners and families of ‘martyrs’ … [Read more...]

Church has more martyrs today than in first centuries, says Pope Francis

Despite horrific deaths suffered by early Christians in the Age of Martyrs … [Read more...]

Martyrs of the All Saints Church bombing commemorated in Peshawar

Second anniversary of bombing that murdered more than 100 worshipers … [Read more...]

Syrian Christian leaders tell West: Stop arming terrorists who are massacring us

Patriarch: It is blasphemous to call suicide bombers ‘martyrs’ … [Read more...]

Assad in rare public appearance says losing battles doesn’t mean war is lost

Syrian president speaks at event to commemorate martyrs … [Read more...]

Pope pays tribute to Christians persecuted by ISIS in Palm Sunday mass

Lauds today's martyrs as thousands wave palm, olive branches in Rome … [Read more...]

Nationwide strike, ongoing protests follow Beduin deaths

Swastikas and ‘revenge for the martyrs’ daubed in town of Rahat … [Read more...]

Jordanian MPs hold moment of silence for two Palestinian terrorists

Lawmakers read Koran in memory of ‘martyrs’ who murdered rabbis … [Read more...]

Pope: More persecuted Christians today than ever before

‘More martyrs in today’s Church than in the first centuries’ … [Read more...]

Exposing false ‘martyrs’ as suicidal

Suicide bombers are not like soldiers who fall on a grenade to protect their comrades … [Read more...]

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