Abbas’s Fatah party honors Jerusalem killer as ‘martyr’

PA leader’s faction declares day of mourning; Hamas congratulates parents … [Read more...]

‘I want to die,’ Kiryat Arba terrorist wrote on Facebook prior to attack

17-year old hailed as ‘martyr’ by Palestinian Authority media … [Read more...]

Pope says Syrian Christian woman killed for faith in Jesus a martyr

Murdered by Islamist terrorists for refusing to deny her faith … [Read more...]

Jesus the Palestinian?

Palestinian officials claim Jesus was a Palestinian martyr … [Read more...]

Remembering Egypt’s Maspero Massacre via its most prominent martyr

Sister of slain Copt says his revolutionary vision upheld by Muslim friends … [Read more...]

Israeli Arab fighting with rebels against Assad killed in Syria

Wadi Ara man's family says he's a martyr, died ‘a hero's death’ … [Read more...]

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