Protecting the secular minority

Majority becoming increasingly right-wing and religious … [Read more...]

Majority of female Knesset members have experienced sexual assault

Two of the MK's state it has continued into their tenure at the Knesset … [Read more...]

Lebanese Christians face mounting Islamist Threat

Christian descendants of Aramaic Syriacs were majority 100 years ago … [Read more...]

Islamic State faces growing opposition in Mosul

Majority of people said ready to help the Iraqi security forces … [Read more...]

Majority must speak out against racism, President-elect Rivlin says

Bennett: I won't be silenced by complaints about extremism … [Read more...]

Poll: Majority of Israeli Jews opposes prisoner release as gesture to Palestinians

80% of secular, 95% of Conservative, Orthodox Jews against move, says terror victims poll … [Read more...]

Has an all-out siege on Christians commenced worldwide?

Whether a minority or majority, Christians’ freedom to believe and worship is threatened … [Read more...]

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