Likud, UTJ coalition deal to freeze status quo on religion and state

Similar to deal drafted after the April and September elections … [Read more...]

Former PM Olmert meets with PA President Abbas in Paris

Likud: Olmert offered the Western Wall to Abbas and is his loyal spokesman … [Read more...]

Netanyahu says Likud aims for 40 Knesset seats in next election over today’s 30

Meretz says public support for 'corrupt' PM is ebbing … [Read more...]

Thousands protest in Tel Aviv against corruption; Likud slams ‘division’

Likud criticizes left-wing groups for not presenting 'a united front’ … [Read more...]

Is the Likud ready for the post-Netanyahu era?

Does Likud need Netanyahu more than Netanyahu needs Likud? … [Read more...]

Barak uses US aid package to pummel Netanyahu in US, Israeli media

Likud: Barak makes a mockery of himself in a pathetic comeback attempt … [Read more...]

Bill passes to expand cabinet; gov’t likely to be sworn in Thursday

Likud ministers-in-waiting start lining up for distribution of posts … [Read more...]

Rivlin to launch coalition building talks on Sunday

Likud laughs off Liberman’s demand for defense portfolio … [Read more...]

Zionist Union’s Herzog concedes election in call to Netanyahu

Likud looking to quickly form right-religious coalition government … [Read more...]

Netanyahu’s Congress speech did not help Likud, ‘Post’ poll finds

Zionist Union still ahead 24-22 seats; Netanyahu still confident … [Read more...]

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