Libya in focus after Egypt, UK attacks

Provides haven for jihadists and exporting extremist volunteers … [Read more...]

Libya: where Egyptian Christians risk everything

Families have learned to live in a country that hates them … [Read more...]

Top IS commanders ‘taking refuge’ in Libya

Senior IS commanders fleeing to Libya from air strikes in Iraq and Syria … [Read more...]

West ignoring grave threat from IS in Libya, Israeli terror experts warn

Jihadists control Libya, but US and Europe have no strategy there … [Read more...]

Christmas brings solace to Libya’s fearful Christians

In Libya, Christian foreign workers leave their fears at the church door … [Read more...]

Persecution of Copts going unnoted

Growing number of Egyptian Christians slain by jihadist terrorists in Libya … [Read more...]

Libya: Coptic Christian brothers ‘targeted and killed’ for their faith

Copts in Libya fear for their lives after murder of two Egyptian brothers … [Read more...]

Two Egyptian Christian brothers executed in Libya

Dozens of Christians remain trapped in Libya without a safe way to return home … [Read more...]

Forgotten in Libya: Christians abducted by Islamist extremists still missing

Nobody knows their location or whether they are still alive … [Read more...]

Libya: ‘a country where Christians shouldn’t come’

Migrants, refugees facing widespread abuse and religious persecution … [Read more...]

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