Liberman backs shuttering ‘hostile’ Al-Jazeera’s Israel offices

Compares Qatari channel to Nazi propaganda … [Read more...]

Liberman: Settlement building at highest level since 1992

Warns that any more building could endanger entire settlement enterprise … [Read more...]

PM says US agreed to boost Israel military aid amid concern over Saudi deal

Liberman says $110 billion arms deal could herald a ‘crazy arms race’ … [Read more...]

N. Korea threatens Israel after Liberman calls Kim a madman

Pyongyang slams insults, Israel’s nuclear policy, ‘crimes against humanity’ … [Read more...]

Liberman says Israel ‘won’t allow’ new Iranian front on Golan Heights

Tells Moscow no tolerance for attempts by Iran to arm Hezbollah … [Read more...]

Liberman bashes UN for silence on Palestinians killed in Gaza, Lebanon

Defense minister cites Hamas executions and refugee camp shootings … [Read more...]

Defense Ministry summons pre-army academy heads over sexist insults

Liberman may close Eli yeshiva over rabbi’s trashing of women and gays … [Read more...]

Comrades in arms

Liberman should suspend funding of his academy if Levinstein won’t resign … [Read more...]

As Trump envoy set to visit, Liberman pushes population transfer plan

Says land-for-peace deal means some Arab towns become Palestinian … [Read more...]

Liberman, meeting Mattis, calls for active US role in Middle East

In talks with defense secretary, warns of Hezbollah’s increasing power … [Read more...]

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