Liberman: Rockets from Syria were launched by Hezbollah

Defense minister says Assad responsible for any fire from country … [Read more...]

Netanyahu, Putin talk Syria tensions as Iran threatens from Damascus

Liberman says Israel can deal with challenge of Iran in Syria … [Read more...]

Defense minister: In next war, Israel will face fighting in north and south

Liberman says Syria and Lebanon now one unified front … [Read more...]

Liberman slams illegal outposts as ‘sabotaging settlement movement’

Says White House unhappy with construction beyond Green Line … [Read more...]

Liberman: We will not ‘repeat the mistake’ of freeing terrorists

Parents of MIA officer Goldin ‘feel abandoned by the government’ … [Read more...]

Ahead of cabinet debate, Liberman defends plan to expand Palestinian city

Fight is between ‘responsible’ right-wingers and ‘messianists’ … [Read more...]

Liberman: Syria won’t be another Hezbollah front against Israel

Defense minister says if it’s up to Israel, there won’t be a summer war … [Read more...]

Liberman: Shelving Western Wall plan a ‘severe blow’ to Jewish unity

Despicable decision marks ‘the abandonment of Zionism’ … [Read more...]

Liberman backs shuttering ‘hostile’ Al-Jazeera’s Israel offices

Compares Qatari channel to Nazi propaganda … [Read more...]

Liberman: Settlement building at highest level since 1992

Warns that any more building could endanger entire settlement enterprise … [Read more...]

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