Liberman: We’ll force a government with Likud, Blue and White to block ultra-Orthodox

Yisrael Beytenu leader promises ‘liberal-national’ coalition … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Elections can still be avoided

Liberman says Likud should look in the mirror instead of blaming him … [Read more...]

Let me get on with my job: How Netanyahu dwarfed his political rivals within

Liberman thought his fortunes revived; Bennett was sure he had a win-win … [Read more...]

Why Netanyahu may be quietly celebrating the loss of his defense minister

Liberman may have put PM exactly where he wants to be … [Read more...]

IAI wins $777 million deal to supply India Barak-8 maritime missile defense system

Liberman: ‘Proof that security is investment and not expenditure’ … [Read more...]

Signaling war, Liberman urges cabinet to okay ‘serious blow’ to Hamas in Gaza

Says daily riots on border can’t go on, campaign could bring years of calm … [Read more...]

Netanyahu, Liberman warn Hamas of ‘fearsome blows’ should clashes resume

Security cabinet meets but does not elaborate Israel’s threat … [Read more...]

Security forces closing in on West Bank terrorist, defense chief says

‘His time is running out,’ Liberman says of suspect Ashraf Na’alowa … [Read more...]

Defense minister orders IDF on high alert on Gaza border

Liberman says troops ready to confront ‘any scenario’ … [Read more...]

Liberman indicates Israel could hit Iranian targets in Iraq

‘We will handle any Iranian threat, no matter where’ … [Read more...]

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