Israel to advance plans for 3,900 West Bank settler homes

Liberman: ‘We promised more building and we kept our word’ … [Read more...]

Liberman: Israel, US must leave UNHRC over its Gaza support

UN body set to discuss lethal Gaza protests and embassy opening on Friday … [Read more...]

Liberman: Israel destroyed ‘nearly all’ Iranian military sites in Syria

Defense minister warns Tehran: 'If you give us rain, you will get a flood' … [Read more...]

Knesset advances bill freezing PA funding over terrorism payouts

Liberman: Israel won’t tolerate paying funds 'used to encourage terrorism against us' … [Read more...]

Liberman: Israel will respond if Syria uses S-300 against it

If someone attacks our aircraft, we’ll respond very forcefully … [Read more...]

Liberman to Saudi-owned paper: If Iran strikes Tel Aviv, we’ll strike Tehran

Defense chief says pulling out of nuclear accord will lead to end of the regime … [Read more...]

Liberman: Israel won’t accept Russian curbs on its activity in Syria

Says 'direct friction' with Moscow averted despite strike on Iranian base … [Read more...]

Liberman sticks to guns on IDF bill as Netanyahu tries to save coalition

Yisrael Beytenu vows to vote down 'absurd' bill and topple coalition … [Read more...]

Liberman: ‘People in Beirut will be in bomb shelters’ if war breaks out

‘Beirutis won’t sit on the beach while Tel Aviv residents are in shelters’ … [Read more...]

Liberman bans chief rabbi from IDF events over anti-women comments

'No place' for top rabbis to oppose female integration in military … [Read more...]

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