Lebanon attempts reconciliation 40 years after Christian massacre

This is problematic in a land where retired murderers still abound … [Read more...]

Lebanon will become refugee state in next Hezbollah war, says IDF intel chief

Most of the weapons that will attack Israel will be Iranian, general says … [Read more...]

ISIS blamed for outbreak of gruesome flesh-eating disease among refugees

Thousands of cases reported in Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan … [Read more...]

A Christmas of despair for Syrian Christian refugees in Lebanon

‘We’re being pulled apart by a war that has turned our lives black’ … [Read more...]

Netanyahu confirms Israel strikes Syria ‘from time to time’

Acknowledges air force targets weapon transfers en route to Lebanon … [Read more...]

Belgium rescues 200 Aleppo Christians from Syrian conflict

Civil society groups help take families to safety in Lebanon … [Read more...]

Christians celebrate Holy Week around the world

From Spain to Jerusalem to Lebanon, Christians commemorating Easter … [Read more...]

Lebanon: Army can protect Christian town on Syria border

Geagea: Army has measures to confront any threat … [Read more...]

IDF strikes Lebanon after Hezbollah bomb wounds two soldiers

Two bombs were planted and detonated on Israeli side of the border … [Read more...]

Lebanon asks US for combat planes to battle jihadists

Also seeks to restock munitions after heavy clashes near Syrian border … [Read more...]

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