Lapid implores Netanyahu: ‘Let’s pass enlistment law, you have our votes’

Yesh Atid chief tells him, 'You don't have to surrender to the Haredim' … [Read more...]

With cries of ‘fake news,’ Lapid takes panicky page from Netanyahu’s playbook

The Yesh Atid chairman is going on the offensive … [Read more...]

Lapid: PM, backers telling me not to testify are ‘talking like criminals’

Blasts those who 'dared suggest' he should have given false testimony … [Read more...]

Lapid says he’d never negotiate over Jerusalem, even without peace

Yesh Atid leader slams prime minister for ruining Israel's relations … [Read more...]

Reconciliation with Turkey was a mistake, Lapid says

Yesh Atid leader calls to recognize Armenian genocide, 'bury' gas pipeline plans … [Read more...]

Lapid tries to block Palestinian terrorist hijacker from speaking in Spain

Leila Khaled, who spoke to EU parliament, now set to talk in Madrid … [Read more...]

Lapid: Submarine scandal worst graft case in Israeli history

Doubts Netanyahu’s claim not to know of his lawyer’s role in defense deal … [Read more...]

Lapid: US should leave UNHRC and halt funding

Since its creation in 2006, UNHRC has treated Israel with bias … [Read more...]

Lapid warns PM against ‘pushing Trump into corner’ on Palestinians

Slams ministers pressuring Netanyahu to disavow two-state solution … [Read more...]

Lapid urges Palestinians to ‘grow up,’ build a future

Palestinians did not use the resources Israel left behind in Gaza … [Read more...]

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