Palestinians slam nation-state law as ‘racism, apartheid’

PA: law declares war on Palestinians’ land, rights, identity, and language … [Read more...]

Iraq’s challenges call for proactive Church, chaldean patriarch tells clergy

Aim ‘is to guarantee Christians' rights and equality, heritage, land, language’ … [Read more...]

Israel borrowing the language of its war on terrorism to fight BDS

Surprisingly, in late July Netanyahu boasted that ‘we defeated BDS’ … [Read more...]

Saudi imam: Paris attack only language Jews and Christians understand

Imam Issa Assiri also claims Muslims discovered America … [Read more...]

The last of the Aramaic speakers

Racing against time, scholars work to record the final remnants of the language spoken by Jesus … [Read more...]

A Maronite revival in Israel

Members of Israel’s Christian community are restoring the ancient language  Jesus spoke … [Read more...]

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