Man arrested attempting to sell 3,000 stolen ancient coins on black market

Thousands of coins represent 2,500 years of history in the Land of Israel … [Read more...]

The UNESCO bid

No manipulation of the facts will erase Jews’ ties to the Land of Israel … [Read more...]

‘Israel won’t surrender’ in the face of evil, Rivlin says in Warsaw

‘The Jewish journey started in the land of Israel, always strove to return’ … [Read more...]

’Tis the season to bash Israel

PA’s denial of Jewish rights in Land of Israel hampers peace … [Read more...]

Israel’s Beduin ask: Are we citizens of this country or not?

MK: They must recognize the Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people … [Read more...]

‘What occupation?’ senior minister Bennett asks, rejecting Palestinian state

Says conflict like ‘shrapnel in rear end,’ Land of Israel ‘belongs to the Jewish people’ … [Read more...]

Church of Scotland denies Jewish claim to Land of Israel

Report attacks scriptural and political claims … [Read more...]

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