Kushner: Palestinians welcome to propose alternative to borders set out in plan

US moving to recognize settlement annexations, but aims to stop expansion … [Read more...]

Kushner: Trump ‘very fond’ of Abbas, PA’s response to parley ‘hysterical’

Says ‘the US peace plan is good, we need support’ … [Read more...]

Kushner, Greenblatt to visit Israel, Jordan this week to discuss US peace plan

Will also try to persuade Rabat and Amman to support Bahrain workshop … [Read more...]

Kushner: Two-state solution was ‘a good attempt’

‘If it would've worked, we would've made peace a long time ago’ … [Read more...]

Give the peace plan a chance

Kushner: ‘The plan will require concessions from both sides’ … [Read more...]

Kushner: UNRWA corrupt and doesn’t help peace

‘Sometimes you have to strategically risk breaking things’ … [Read more...]

How Kushner, without calling to ‘re-draw’ Israeli borders, causes election furor

Trump adviser victim of Arabic TV mistranslation that shocked Israeli Right … [Read more...]

PA: Trump policies poisoned Palestinian-American ties

Kushner: Palestinians deserved to lose US aid after vilifying Trump administration … [Read more...]

Kushner declares punitive measures against Palestinians will help peace chances

Says administration changing ‘false realities’ that have blocked progress … [Read more...]

Kushner: US plan will be public if Abbas doesn’t ‘come back to the table’

'Don’t allow your grandfather’s conflict to doom your children’s future’ … [Read more...]

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