Two Jewish minors handed life sentence, 21 years for Abu Khdeir torture murder

Killers took part in 2014 kidnapping, burning-to-death of Palestinian teen … [Read more...]

Thousands attend funeral of Palestinian mother killed in firebombing

Calls for revenge as Netanyahu expresses sorrow, vows to catch killers … [Read more...]

Christian in Egypt gunned down over 2013 murders

Victim’s family: Killers trying to intimidate us into dropping charges … [Read more...]

Killers heard cheering in full recording of abducted teen’s distress call

Gunshots are heard and perpetrators cry out, ‘Three!’ … [Read more...]

What happened on the night of the kidnapping

Teens were quickly shot dead as killers felt they were pursued … [Read more...]

Thousands in Ramallah celebrate arrival of Palestinian killers

Abbas embraces and kisses 21 freed murderers; 5 others released in Gaza … [Read more...]

Israel announces names of Palestinian killers to be freed next

All 26 prisoners convicted of murder before Oslo Accords … [Read more...]

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