Supreme Court hears appeal by US student barred over BDS allegations

‘How does a ban on her entry advance the fight against BDS?’ asks justice … [Read more...]

Hariri calls for justice at trial of Hezbollah men suspected of killing father

Incoming Lebanese PM tells UN tribunal Hezbollah won’t hand over suspects … [Read more...]

The quality of mercy

How is justice served by dropping 260,000 counts of accessory to murder? … [Read more...]

Why are Muslims who attack Christians in Egypt not brought to justice?

Egypt suffering lawlessness as Christians are openly attacked … [Read more...]

Bishop pleads for justice as attack on Copt grandmother stirs Egypt

70-year-old stripped naked in public due to rumor of son’s affair … [Read more...]

Egypt: Sisi vows to bring attackers of Christian woman to justice

'No matter how many they are' … [Read more...]

Smadar Haran, whose family Kuntar killed, hails ‘justice’

Terror victims’ relatives praise alleged assassination by Israel … [Read more...]

Jewish refugees from Muslim lands seek justice at United Nations

850,000 Jews expelled from Middle East countries since 1948 … [Read more...]

Police to probe lynching of Eritrean bystander in Beersheba

MK calls for civilians who beat unarmed victim to be brought to justice … [Read more...]

Israel’s Foreign Ministry moves to be right

Israel should tell the world it has justice, morality, and law on its side … [Read more...]

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