Justice Ministry, battle with High Court in focus as Netanyahu builds coalition

PM intends to limit court’s ability to overturn laws … [Read more...]

Egypt government fights efforts to repeal controversial ‘blasphemy law’

Justice Ministry says any change would be ‘unconstitutional’ … [Read more...]

Justice Ministry cracks down on terrorists

Bills define terrorism, make it easier to convict, keep killers jailed … [Read more...]

Bennett ups his demands as PM’s coalition-building goes to the wire

With 24 hours to deadline, Jewish Home demands Justice Ministry … [Read more...]

Pardons department head: 82 terrorists to be released to restart talks

Justice Ministry official: These prisoners have blood on their hands … [Read more...]

State to return Homesh land to Palestinian owners

Justice Ministry responds to High Court decision on 2010 petition by Palestinian owners … [Read more...]

Palestinian detainee ends hunger strike after release assured

JERUSALEM (JWN and agencies)—Less than an hour before he was due to appear before the High Court of Justice and present a petition for his release, Palestinian security detainee Khader Adnan reached a … [Read more...]

How Israel’s secret Population Registry made it to the Internet

JERUSALEM (JWN and agencies)—Justice authorities have revealed that a former Welfare Ministry employee illegally sold the confidential information of Israel’s Population Registry to a business client, … [Read more...]

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