Rewriting history, Abbas calls Israel a ‘colonial project’ unrelated to Judaism

Ignores Jewish ties to Holy Land, says Ben-Gurion forced Jews to Israel … [Read more...]

Medieval Christians who embraced Judaism

They risked their lives to become Jews … [Read more...]

UNESCO’s Jerusalem resolution ignores Christian roots, too

Archeology proves holy sites linked to Judaism, Christianity and Islam … [Read more...]

Freeing Judaism

Israel is a Jewish state, but ways of Jewish expression are many and varied … [Read more...]

Yes, Minister Lapid, Israel can be both Jewish and democratic

In fact, many theorists root democracy in Judaism and the Bible … [Read more...]

Geza Vermes, renowned Jesus scholar, dies at 88

Born a Jew who converted to Catholicism, he became a priest, later reconverting to Judaism … [Read more...]

The ‘Vicar of Baghdad’ comes to Jerusalem

Canon White has lived for eight years in Baghdad, providing leadership and explaining Judaism … [Read more...]

Worldwide consensus emerging: Christians most persecuted group on Earth

Christianity replacing Judaism, most persecuted faith of all time, as the most dangerous religion … [Read more...]

US Christian leaders in Israel to study Judaism

Initiative aimed at deepening their understanding of Jewish people … [Read more...]

Ahmadinejad: Judaism and Christianity don’t exist

Tells Tehran conference God created only one religion: Islam! (UN) … [Read more...]

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