Jews, US ambassador: German weekly magazine spreads Nazi propaganda

‘Der Spiegel’ cover portrays local Jews as Eastern European Hasidim … [Read more...]

Rodrigo Duterte is due in Israel on Sunday. Why are we opening our doors to him?

Philippines leader boasts doing to drug dealers what Hitler did to Jews … [Read more...]

Putin says Jews might have been behind US election interference

Tells Washington to send him hard evidence of Russian meddling … [Read more...]

Guatemala’s leaders join Jews, Christians in Israel embrace

'Moment of history' as President Morales, Evangelicals join in … [Read more...]

Condemning Charlottesville

No denying that Jews are near the top of the racist hate list … [Read more...]

Christians, Muslims, Jews break bread in interfaith Morocco initiative

Children of Abraham sit at the dinner table for a mouthful of kindness … [Read more...]

The antisemite who turned out to be one of the Jews he despised

Far-right Csanád Szegedi trivialized Holocaust before finding he is a Jew … [Read more...]

At Israel Museum exhibit, Jesus comes back to the Jews

150 works explore Jewish, Zionist and Israeli views of Christian savior … [Read more...]

Top Saudi imam calls for killing Shia, Jews, Christians at prayer broadcast

While West continues to send billions in military aid to Riyadh … [Read more...]

Are Jews who refuse to renounce Israel excluded from ‘progressive’ groups?

Those who do not reject Israel are no longer welcome … [Read more...]

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