Assad says Syria can stand up to Israel

In first comment since airstrikes, Syrian leader accuses Jewish state of supporting ‘terrorists’ … [Read more...]

Israel at 65

Tension – and cross-fertilization – of old and new is not the only paradox of the Jewish state … [Read more...]

When Christians repent

Christians supporting the Jewish state? It hardly seems like news anymore … [Read more...]

Israel welcomes Hagel as defense secretary

US Jewish groups remain split on man criticized as being soft on Iran and hostile to Jewish state … [Read more...]

United Church of Canada blasted over Israel resolution

Lack of recognition of Israel as Jewish state raises ire of Jewish, Christian critics … [Read more...]

Preserving Israel’s uncertain status quo

Israelis will prosper and keep their state, but the Arabs and Iranians will never let them enjoy it … [Read more...]

Peres warns settlements threaten the ‘future of a Jewish state’

Settler leader: The danger is forgetting ‘our historic connection to the land’ … [Read more...]

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