Netanyahu fingers Palestinian denial of Jewish state as root of conflict

Calls claims that settlements core of fighting ‘childish and irrelevant’ … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Israel not indifferent, but ‘too small’ to take in refugees

PM says Jewish state must guard against illegal immigrants and terrorists … [Read more...]

Israel bolsters Jordan border to keep out terrorists, refugees

Netanyahu: Despite human tragedy, Jewish state must control its borders … [Read more...]

How Israel prevented ISIS from going nuclear

Obama and his European comrades should be praising the Jewish state … [Read more...]

Iran dismisses Germany’s call to recognize Israel

Tehran says countries have ‘totally different views’ on Jewish state … [Read more...]

Freeing Judaism

Israel is a Jewish state, but ways of Jewish expression are many and varied … [Read more...]

Israel has prominent place on Hispanic Evangelical agenda

Jewish state focus of National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference … [Read more...]

Abbas: Palestinians won’t accept Jewish state

Calls on Israel to halt settlement, release prisoners for return to peace talks … [Read more...]

Kerry defends Israel before UN rights panel

Says council’s ‘obsession’ with the Jewish state undermines UN credibility … [Read more...]

Canada FM: A Jewish state today is more important than a few years ago

‘We differ with the Palestinians’ about their path to statehood’ … [Read more...]

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