A really new Middle East

Only the Jewish state’s capability to defend itself assures its security and peace … [Read more...]

Accept Palestine or face ‘sea of hatred,’ Jordanian king warns Israel

Abdullah accuses Jewish state of trying to alter status quo on Temple Mount … [Read more...]

Iran dissidents came to Israel to discuss nuke plan’s consequences

Iranian ministers, diplomats, activists and others came to Jewish state … [Read more...]

Israel strikes Gaza 50 times after rocket attack

Hamas blames Jewish state for escalating violence … [Read more...]

Anti-Semitic cartoon on Fatah site shows Israel exploding Muslim world

Drawing depicts Jewish state exploiting fighting between Sunnis and Shiites … [Read more...]

In Kenya, PM says Africa trip will help rebuild world majority for Israel

Jewish state will sway global voting in its favor, Netanyahu says … [Read more...]

Terrorist attack turns Arab Ohio restaurant owner into fighter for Israel

Haifa Christian Hany Baransi wants to educate others about the Jewish state … [Read more...]

Israel confirms upgraded NATO ties as Turkey said to end veto

Jewish state gets permanent office at alliance’s HQ … [Read more...]

Inequality among Israel’s children ranked worst in developed world

UN ranks Jewish state lowest in poverty, literacy and health gaps … [Read more...]

A Zionist lesson – taking responsibility for others, including our failures

A Jewish state with Jewish deviants – we need some soul-searching … [Read more...]

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