Where do Christians fit into the ‘Jewish state’ bill?

Minority religious groups worry about impact of proposed law … [Read more...]

Christian priest speaks out strongly in favor of ‘Jewish state’ bill

Others say bill is damaging relations with Israel's Arab minority … [Read more...]

Tel Aviv synagogue vandalized with politically motivated graffiti

‘Where a Jewish state bill is legislated, books will be burned’ … [Read more...]

A graveside battle over Ben-Gurion’s legacy

Peres and Rivlin slam 'Jewish state' bill as Netanyahu defends it … [Read more...]

The basic ambivalence over the ‘Jewish state’ bill

A number of distinguished legal figures have leaped to denounce the measure … [Read more...]

World criticism of ‘Jewish state’ bill exacerbated by lack of peace talks

Netanyahu will eventually agree to a softened version, ‘but damage is done’ … [Read more...]

Rivlin comes out against Netanyahu’s ‘Jewish state’ bill

President says proposal undermines Israel’s Jewish character … [Read more...]

Netanyahu ‘determined’ to pass ‘Jewish State’ bill

PM says he’ll advance bill with or without cabinet support … [Read more...]

Abbas: ‘Jewish state’ bill an obstacle to peace

PLO: ‘The so-called historic homeland of the Jewish people is racist’ … [Read more...]

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