Jewish refugees from Muslim lands seek justice at United Nations

850,000 Jews expelled from Middle East countries since 1948 … [Read more...]

It’s time to remember the Jewish refugees

Muslim lands dispossessed, murdered, and expelled their Jews … [Read more...]

Commemorating the Jewish refugees from the Arab World

Redress for Jewish refugees must be on the Jewish and international agenda … [Read more...]

UNESCO vetoes display on Jewish refugees from Arab lands

Organizers remove section to keep Arab states from blocking show … [Read more...]

Arab refugees and Jewish refugees – the inextricable link

US should not foot bill for compensating Arab and Jewish refugees … [Read more...]

Jewish refugees should be discussed in the peace negotiations

Some 850,000 Jews were expelled from Arab countries after 1948 … [Read more...]

Former Canadian minister Cotler calls to dismantle UNRWA

Says Arab League must include Jewish refugees in peace framework … [Read more...]

UN gathering marks ‘untold’ story of Jewish refugees

Israel envoy: Arab states never held accountable for their crimes … [Read more...]

Government backs bill marking memorial day for Jews driven from Arab lands

Moroccan-born MK urges Arabs to recognize Jewish refugees as key to resolving Arab-Israeli conflict … [Read more...]

Justice for Jews from Arab countries

Jewish refugee issue highlights Israel as home to an indigenous Middle Eastern people … [Read more...]

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