In Jerusalem, Catholic sisters have Jews teaching the New Testament

Notre Dame de Sion sisters are pioneers in Jewish-Catholic relations … [Read more...]

Israel rejects Russian offer to keep Iran 100 km from Israel’s border

Senior official says Jerusalem insisting Iranian forces leave Syria entirely … [Read more...]

EU warns viability of ‘Palestine’ is being ‘constantly eroded’

Mogherini: Europeans and Arabs share ‘common Holy City, Jerusalem' … [Read more...]

1.8 million Israelis, 842,000 of them children, under poverty line

In Jerusalem over half of children are impoverished … [Read more...]

Researchers date discovery of Christ’s tomb in Jerusalem to Roman era

Mortar connecting slab to bedrock dates it to 335-345 AD … [Read more...]

Jerusalem ignores the UN’s forgotten partition plan of 2012 at its peril

It overwhelmingly endorsed Palestinian statehood five years ago … [Read more...]

18 arrested at ultra-Orthodox riot against army draft in Jerusalem

Protesters block IDF recruitment office, throw rocks, eggs at police … [Read more...]

Terrorist attack thwarted in settlement north of Jerusalem

Suspect arrested carrying two knives … [Read more...]

Israel’s planned withdrawal from UNESCO unlikely to improve anything

Jerusalem would only hurt its own interests by leaving, critics say … [Read more...]

PM to Christian journalists: World leaders must stop Iran ‘devouring’ Mideast

At launch of GPO’s first convention for Christian journalists in Jerusalem … [Read more...]

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