‘Quiet for quiet’

Many Israelis may now hope for Gazans to protest on the street … [Read more...]

The Zionist cultural revival

Israelis no longer must jettison previous identities … [Read more...]

Israelis express conflicting emotions about US Embassy move to Jerusalem

‘I’m really happy...but there will be Palestinian violence’ … [Read more...]

Army rescues three Israelis after Palestinians torch their car in Nablus

IDF grants entry to 1,000 Jewish worshipers to pray at Joseph's Tomb … [Read more...]

Israelis, Jordanians, Palestinians find a common enemy: Natural disasters

Emergency response teams from around the world drill together … [Read more...]

Growing pains: Israelis confront the problems of a booming population

Number of residents expected to double by 2059 … [Read more...]

Israelis veer between restraint, shock at German nationalist gains

Holocaust survivors reminded of 1930s rise of Nazi Party … [Read more...]

Wonder Woman’s message

Gadot triggers so much pride because Israelis are so used to the opposite … [Read more...]

78% of Israelis say peace not possible, split if PM serious to make deal

21% say peace is possible, 76% say no chance, 3% do not know … [Read more...]

Netanyahu: Israelis, not Palestinians, are teaching kids peace

Lauds Trump’s peace initiative and warns against Palestinian incitement … [Read more...]

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